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I am a mom, a devoted friend, a wannabe DJ, a truth-teller, and a lover of all things that awaken our senses and hearts to the world and those around us.... 


In 1995 I began a private practice as a licensed psychotherapist.  In 2002 when my 2nd son was born my yoga practice began as a way to continue connecting with my heart so I didn’t completely lose myself in mothering.  Within the first decade of practice, it became clear I had to give away the tools, teachings, and inspiration of yoga that I was being taught.  My first yoga teacher training was in 2011 with James Fox and the Prison Yoga Project, a training that allowed me to share the teachings with those who needed it most.  Training with and learning from Baron Baptiste, Rolf Gates, Sylvia Boorstein, Brene Brown, Adyashanti and more, showed me the natural yoke of yoga, meditation, and personal work. The more I found my voice in the practices, the more excited I felt about helping others find theirs.

My passion now lies in teaching weekly yoga classes, leading transformational retreats, and hosting workshops on topics like Ending Well, Mothers + Daughters, and Yoga for a depressed or anxious mind. My workshops include the trifecta of yoga, meditation, and personal work. The Art + Practice of Self Compassion is a training that continues to light me up and have a following within the community.  Here we delve into learning how self-compassion delivers everything self-improvement promises.  This year I launched Humanity First: The Art + Practice of Being Fully Human, a year-long Yoga Leadership training created to inspire those who are ready to lead and shine their light.  

Throughout the year I offer transformational retreats to provide a bigger clearing for people to understand who they are, how they impact others, and how they can create peace and ease for themselves and those around them. These retreats are meant to shed our insecurities and open our hearts so we can be seen and heard by ourselves and others.  A place where we dive deeper into sacred silence and healing with an intentional community where we share our real sh*t and continue our journey to self-discovery. 


People often show up in my office or on their mats with suffering. My commitment is to help you relate to your suffering, know your suffering, know how to connect and work with yourself so you can feel your truth. The truth is that you are enough as you are, you have the capacity to connect deeply to yourself and you can nudge yourself there each time you commit to your practice.  My belief is that we do this work to heal and repair our own experiences so in time we have no choice but to give away this ability we have to love deeply, feel fully, and show up 110% ourselves, no matter what.


I am beyond grateful for my current teachers... my 4 boys, a 21-year marriage, my family of origin and my own insecurities.

© 2018 Taylor White Moffitt