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Yoga Classes + Workshops


Radiance Power Yoga:

Wednesday 9-10:15 *

Saturday 8-9:15 *

*Both in-person & live stream available

Upcoming Workshops


The Art + Practice of Self Compassion

January 14th-February 11th, 2021

Details | Registration

Yoga is an 8 limb process that means “to yoke or connect.” To me, the physical practice of yoga (asana) connects us to our bodies and the feelings that lie underneath. Yoga is masterful at teaching us to look inside for your answers, to be aware of this moment and to find ourselves closer to our bones.


My intention for an asana class is intelligent sequencing, a vigorous flow and verbal cueing to allow you to drop into your physical shape, to feel your breath, to become aware, and to dig deep below the surface. The results: strength, flexibility and power of your body, but more importantly, of your mind. Each class is a chance for you to go beyond where you have been—in your physical practice and in your life. Find out where your practice can take you in my class and leave excited and clear to where it will take you off your mat!


Please join me for:

Privates and semi-privates

Office and/or small groups



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