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3445 Penrose Place, #240, Boulder, CO 80301
Tel: 303.384.8677

As a psychotherapist in Colorado for 19 years, my intention has always been to work myself out of a job. I believe that each of us already has the wisdom, knowledge and information needed to make shifts in our lives. From the place of “I already am everything I need” my job is to simply guide my clients inward to see their truths, to honor them and to communicate them with compassion and neutrality.

I work with couples and individuals, from teenagers to seniors. My specialties include working with people with addictions, eating disorders, Bipolar spectrum disorders and anxiety/depression. However, my true specialty is working with people who are ready and willing to make shifts in their lives. My goal is to help people see a new path through and out of where they got lost or stuck.





A note about payment:
I do not bill health insurance companies directly, but can provide invoices for services. Often, clients can then be reimbursed by their insurance companies or Flexible Spending or Health Savings Accounts.